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St. Pauls Grammar School

St. Pauls Grammar School is a co-educational Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 interdenominational Christian school located in Penrith, NSW. St Paul’s is dedicated to equipping its students to become people of discernment who value Christian faith, integrity and excellence in all of life, and who will serve in the world as confident, competent and compassionate adults. The school aims to present a world-class education which preserves the best of traditional methodology and keeps abreast of cutting edge contemporary practice.

Business Needs

Like many organisations with old PABX based communications, reliability, manageability and expense of maintence issues were issued faced by St. Pauls. Further to this, St Pauls had recently reviewed their policies regarding student attendance management, and had determined that they needed to increase the frequency of role taking to each period. This in turn meant more phone calls were required to be made by staff, leading to an even greater dependence on the unreliable and inefficient telephony system.


Jasco worked with St. Pauls Grammar to replace their old PBX with the latest generation communications platform. Microsoft Lync 2010 was chosen as the platform as it could both replace the old PBX and also improve business process and innovation by leveraging the school’s further investment in Exchange 2010 and Microsoft Office. To help provide further cost savings, the solution deployed at St. Pauls Grammar included a GSM gateway that provides free calls between mobiles, so that diversions and calls to staff mobiles are free.

The selection of the Microsoft Unified Communications platform by St Pauls also allowed them to deploy messageLinx Server, which provides St Paul’s with the capability to read the daily electronic roll data and then automatically place calls to parents and guardians of students who are absent. This automation saves staff valuable time each day and increases productivity throughout the school.

Developed for Microsoft Lync, messageLinx Server is used to send a unique message to the parents of a student who is unexpected absent, and then messageLinx prompts for the parent or guardian to acknowledge the absence, or to be connected to a coordinator if they would like to speak to a school representative directly. In this way, OneNimbus messageLinx will help school administrators identify potential truancies as well as ensure all children are accounted for during the school day.


The school and parents are communicating more effectively than ever before, allowing staff to concentrate their time on the most important things. As Lync provides multiple methods of communicating in real time, staff can now quickly communicate with each other, even from the class if required without intrusive phone calls.

St Pauls are innovating in parent/guardian communication and engagement by leveraging technology to help enable and improve existing business processes while also increasing the security and safety of their students.

Organisation Profile

Industry: Education
Location: Penrith, NSW
Size: 200 staff, 1000+ students

Organisation Description

St Pauls Grammar School is a co-educational Pre-Kindergarten to Year 12 interdenominational Christian school located in Penrith, NSW.

Business Situation

A review of St. Pauls' student attendance management policies determined that role marking needed to occur more frequently, however the impact on school resources had to be kept to a minimum.


JASCO deployed Lync Server to improve communications and worked with OneNimbus to deploy messageLinx Server to implement an automated student attendance management system which automatically notifies parents and audits responses. A GSM gateway was also deployed to provide free calls between mobiles.


  • Lync Server deployed to replace a dated PBX system
  • Lync integration with existing Exchange server and Office deployment
  • Productivity increase for school staff due to the messageLinx Server student attendance solution
  • Cost savings on mobile phone calls

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