Managed Services

At JASCO, we believe that a technical services provider which is purely reactive provides little real value to it's customers.

Whilst the prompt resolution of unforeseen problems is certainly an important service that we provide to all our clients, preventing issues from happening in the first place takes much more of our focus. It's a time-proven fact that prevention is far simpler, and more cost effective, than cure.

JASCO spends a great deal of time and effort behind the scenes in turning this belief into reality. We have implemented a number of systems and services to facilitate our proactive support practices, including;

  • The JASCO eHelpdesk system to record, priortise, allocate, escalate and track problems to completion;
  • Our Priority Support 1-300 IVR system, for times when it's not feasible to log a problem via Email or Web;
  • The J-MON network monitoring platform, so we know about potential issues before they become problems for our clients.

Our staff, JASCO's most invaluable asset, possess a diverse range of ICT skills and experience, coming from many different areas within the industry. We currently service many types of businesses; from small single site offices, to larger installations spanning multiple states and dozens of sites.

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