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Adding a Voice to your business

Connecting People Anytime. Anywhere.

Communications are a critical part of today’s business environment. Responding quickly to customers and events is important for all businesses. messageLinx delivers today’s most flexible communication solution by integrating unified communications with your current business processes.

One Message. More Possibilities.

When timing is critical or you have multiple people to contact, messageLinx makes it easy to deliver your message regardless of how the recipient chooses to be notified. For example:

  • messageLinx can deliver messages via Email, SMS, Instant Message and Voice calls – to any provider.
  • messageLinx can convert text to speech, then phone one or hundreds of thousands of individuals, and speak your message. 
  • To help ensure your message is delivered successfully, any message that is not initially successful can be re-sent multiple times - until it has been successfully delivered.
  • And messageLinx reporting will ensure you know who’s been contacted successfully and when.

Enjoy Flexible Communications

Businesses can increase agility and responsiveness by taking advantage of the messageLinx framework to automate almost any critical business process. messageLinx can be adapted to specific tasks such as personnel rostering or be used for broad communication requirements such as early warning notifications for emergency services or parent/student communications for educational institutions.

And messageLinx is the perfect solution for managing appointments and scheduling personnel as well as receiving responses – in multiple languages.

Built On Unified Communications

messageLinx is a solution that consists of core Unified Communications services and technologies powered by Microsoft Lync 2010. Harnessing the power of Unified Communications, messageLinx can send hundreds of thousands of messages in a matter of minutes, and simultaneously across multiple communication channels.

Simply Automated

Sending messages has never been easier. messageLinx integrates with your existing line–of–business applications and automates your manual communications processes. Alerts can be initiated by any authorized person, from virtually any communications device, such as a telephone or mobile phone with a keypad. And recipients can select how they would like to receive your message: fax, email, SMS, or voice.

Maximum Impact

What makes messageLinx even more powerful than conventional messaging is the ability to respond to your message by clicking on embedded links. Now there no need for recipients to remember phone numbers or email addresses, which helps ensure you receive prompt, automated responses. And all messages can be tracked by instance and time of day. Messages can be sent any time of day or night simply by entering a PIN, and selecting the appropriate alerts to be sent to those who have opted in to the messageLinx service.

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