What is the secret to workplace Success?

What is the secret to workplace Success?

The introduction of technology has completely altered the workplace. In the 20th Century, the workplace was a static place where employees were required to be physically present in order to access material or effectively communicate.  A study reporting that 77% of employees have greater productivity while working off-site with 30% accomplishing more in less time, highlights that there is now an emphasis on the ability to connect and work from anywhere, at any time – now more than ever before.

At the core of this digital transformation is real-time teamwork. Interaction, in combination with the ease of collaboration tools, challenges the way that people think, encouraging creativity and new ideas. In order to empower employees and enhance their collaboration experience, providing them with the right tools is essential.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m going to let you in on the secret to success in the workplace… Teams!

Microsoft Teams, the chat based collaboration tool allows global, remote and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. Providing a seamless communication platform means there is little to no miscommunication amongst employees as any issues can be addressed almost instantly and in real time, meaning work is completed faster. Since Teams was constructed around the idea of leveraging the maximum capability of Microsoft Graph, workgroups and teams have the ability to share insights, intelligence, and data anywhere within the Office 365 suite.

With significant enhancements to collaboration, teamwork and productivity within Office365, Teams is the future of communication within the office, and here are some more reasons how:

  1. Teams is the hub for teamwork within Office365
    Teams fulfills the collaboration and communication needs in a diverse workforce, including chat, meetings, voice and video. The look and feel of these functions is fast and fluid, has low overhead and is instantly familiar.
  2. Teams integrates with all the apps our employees use
    Teams integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint so that employees have the information and the tools that they need. Team members can also include other apps and services in their workspaces for the team and organisations. Teams allows the ability to customer workspaces with tabs, connectors and bots.
  3. Teams offers a complete meeting experience
    Teams modernises the entire meeting experience. Before a meeting, team members can review conversations; during a meeting, teams can share content and use audio conferencing and video. Teams support private and group meeting capabilities, scheduling capabilities, and free/busy calendar availability.
  4. Teams has integrated Security
    Teams comes with enterprise-grade security integrated with Office 365 Security and Compliance Center and Azure Active Directory.

Many organisations are making the shift to this type of space now. No matter what the final design is, the key for an effective workspace revolves around taking the focus from a physical presence in an office, and placing an emphasis on the delivery, productivity and trust.

Want organisational success in the workplace?
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Growing up in Melbourne, Australia, Jason McClintock had an undeniable passion for the technology industry and its ability to change the way we do things. After completing year 12, Jason enrolled into and dropped out of, the same Physics degree twice and despite the lectures from his mother, he refused to go back. Landing a job in IT 4 days later, Jason was quick to discover some gaps in service and skills in the infrastructure, communication and network industry. His entrepreneurial mindset kicked in, and he began the journey to starting his own company in 1998, Jasco Consulting.

What started out as a small company, offering a single product, grew to become one of Australia’s most recognized Telstra accredited channel partners and multi award winning Microsoft partner. By building, deploying and optimizing IT solutions, whilst moving forward with new initiatives that deliver the most business value, JASCO is now a Tier -1 Platinum cloud Telstra Business and Enterprise Specialist partner.

As one of the nation’s strongest network/cloud and communications technology, Jason and the team at JASCO help customers’ businesses improve their return on investment by providing top of the line service whilst implementing systems that complement and enhance their proven business models.

Over 2 Decades in the telecommunications industry have equipped Cameron with the capacity to successfully orchestrate the sales team at Jasco, keeping them on goal and advancing in terms of revenue production and skill. Cameron’s previous sales and sales management roles, forecasting market situations and market analysis, have given him the confidence to chalk out programmes tailored to customers’ needs, and consequently, accomplishing organisational objectives.

Cameron comes from sporting background, and playing football in his youth has guided him understand the importance of team work and the tremendous results that occur when in unity. He enforces that attitude onto the sales team, motivating them to achieve record sales results at Jasco.

An avid lover of food and surfing, Cameron thoroughly enjoys meeting and engaging in conversation with new people, making him relatable to a wide range of customers and an excellent communicator.

To remain competitive, businesses need strong financial leadership, like the leadership provided by Jasco’s Chief Financial Officer, Sue Vander. Sue began her Jasco journey in a part-time finance role, however, as Jasco evolved, so did her job description. Through her commitment to each function, as well as coordination and communication between support and business functions, Sue has improved the effectiveness and efficiency of all support services at Jasco.

Almost a decade at Jasco has exposed Sue to many situations that have increased her skill set and capabilities, improving operational systems at Jasco that are designed to preserve company assets.

Sue provides strategic direction and oversight of front-end revenue cycle work processes and outcomes, she also uses that direction on the tennis court, and is a proud member of a team at her local tennis club.

Courtenay Snell provides the balance between business and technology strategy by effectively connecting Jasco’s services with the outside world. He ensures the company continually has the best technology in the market, offering dynamically-evolving and highly-competitive services to customers. A leader in the ICT industry, Courtenay is pivotal in the company’s success as he directs the technological development of Jasco to new heights.

Architecturally leading the design of sophisticated solutions and executing them based on customers’ requirements, Courtenay also thoroughly enjoys designing solutions at home, building his own magnetic, retractable clothes line.

His fascination in the advances in technology signifies he is always thinking about how these can relate to satisfying users’ needs and requirements over time. This fascination expands into the world of data analytics, which is an area he plans on exploring in the future.


Decades of experience in planning, developing and implementing state of the art information solutions and facilitating corporate growth, Gavin has a wide breadth of IT knowledge that covers many different technologies. It is for that reason that Gavin has the unique capability to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for Jasco customers.

Gavin’s high quality communication skills allow him to interface at all levels for the completion of projects and his experience within Jasco has allowed him to consistently envision the needs of customers and adapt to their requirement. He extracts material from customers and implements into the unified communication stack. His love for ICT solutions cannot be compared to his love for tequila, and is looking forward to retiring so he can run to Central Mexico and grow agave.

As the Senior Enterprise Architect at Jasco, Gavin leads cross-functional teams with diverse technical backgrounds and aims to continue providing the best quality service to all Jasco customers. His advice to anyone entering the industry? “Always be prepared to learn and evolve.

Frank is one of a kind, to say the least. His versatility allows him the capability to coherently comprehend almost every single networking system nationwide and operate platform and network systems infrastructure like no one else. Frank has been able to exercise his fascinating talents whilst at Jasco, and although he won’t admit it, he has completed some of the most integrated and challenging networking projects in all of Australia.

Over the years Frank has designed intricate network systems that are so complex, they resemble art work, so much so, they have been framed and displayed at Jasco. If he’s not implementing migration strategies and network designs for large-scale companies, Frank is running across the soccer field, chasing his boys and helping them achieve their dreams. 

Frank is a vital member of the projects team, his transparency and in-depth understanding of customers, and their needs, allows him the ability to sell unintentionally. Frank is immersed within the IT industry and culture at Jasco, and 

 Prior to being the Practice Lead System Management and Cloud expert, Danny was a Novell NetWare engineer and spent time working as the leader of system management at Methodist Ladies’ College. He then continued onto being the network IT manager at Wesley College Melbourne, managing a team of 17 IT technicians. These fine places introduced Danny to new people, big ideas and global concepts that have helped shape the person he is today.

Microsoft guru and Industry leader in ICT solutions at Jasco Consulting, Danny Grasso has the capability to provide some of the most renown companies with expert solutions that sit well within their values and vision. A competitive Xbox gamer who also loves pizza, tequila flavoured beer and, of course, his wife and two kids.

When he’s not implementing extensive system projects for Jasco’s clients, you can find Danny twittering about his latest Xbox game achievements, boasting about his Z3 convertible and chatting about the latest Formula 1 Race. His favourite quote? “Every failure is another chance to succeed.”

As one of Jasco’s Network Engineers, Hafiz’s goal is to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for customers. Hafiz is one of the most qualified engineers at Jasco, with almost every CISCO certification under his belt, his years of experience have equipped him with a broad scope of knowledge and unlimited capacity that allows him to manufacture and deploy intricate network solutions for Jasco’s customers.

Hafiz also establishes the networking environment by designing system configuration, directing system installation, defining, documenting and enforcing system standards; and enjoys doing so, just as much as he enjoys shopping.

Software development fascinates Hafiz, and would enjoy working in a role that encompasses creating programs if he wasn’t busy designing network systems for Jasco’s customers.

Andrew has always had an affinity for technology. Growing up he worked at Centre Com selling computer products, and later moved on to being the senior technician at an ICT solutions company of a small calibre.

As Andrew’s expertise and breadth of knowledge expanded, so did his thirst for an interaction with a developed clientele in order to push himself to reach benchmarks in his professional career. Moving to Jasco allowed that, where his system engineer role granted him to fulfil that desire. When he’s not developing network infrastructure engineering, Andrew is delving into the world of automation, using it to control his house, whilst drinking a cold can of V.

As an invaluable and highly respected member at Jasco, Andrew prides himself in putting the customers’ needs first, and to be able to fulfil them effectively. He also prides himself on being able to carry on the Pasiak name through his first child and son.   

Shais thrives in the vibrant, fast-paced environment of Jasco. He quickly adapts to learn the latest technologies, and his experience working across a broad spectrum of technologies has given him the mile wide and inch deep knowledge across several domains. He has also certified himself across several products and services of Microsoft and Cisco. His love for the Australian culture and work ethic is the reason why Shais quit his previous Senior System Network Admin role in UAE to move to Melbourne.

As Jasco’s General Manager Services Group, Shais leads a team of IT Support professionals to provide support and services across multiple client environments. He is essential in the accomplishments of the team’s service delivery and his ability to expand and support network infrastructure and cloud-centric ecosystems is valued within Jasco.

Shais enjoys cooking occasionally in his free time and would love to run his own restaurant one day if he wasn’t busy guiding the managed services team at Jasco. As his most cherished field of work, Shais hopes to build security frameworks and become a consultant for network security in the future.

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Microsoft and Telstra’s latest collaboration has brought forth a first for Australian organizations.

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